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tv   WIS News 10 Midday  NBC  January 7, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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>> this is wis news 10. >> good afternoon everyone, thank you for joining us for the news at noon. long time state senator passed away, lawmakers held a moment of silence for senator william o'dell during a workshop today. o'dell represented parts of the upstate abbyville, anderson and greenwood counties. graduated in 1960 husband and father of two, 77 years old. >> a person died on gibson road between duffey and george street yesterday afternoon. right in front of the lexington county sheriff's department. pedestrian was there in the roadway, driver did not stop and a witness called 911. much warmer day across the
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days, downtown columbia and first alert weather center. >> exactly correct, i have called up three of our cameras, sumter, look at you, sunshine, orangeburg, right over the lake, soon to be sunshine. temperatures, rebounding here. no 30s like we have been around the noon hour, 52, lexington, 45 chester, 43 lancaster. that is where the clouds are hanging at this point. exit stage right. there go to clouds. here comes the sunshine. certainly sunshine by this afternoon few clouds headed our way. all in all, lovely day. sunshine, mix with clouds, temperature, 50, fall into the 40s. notice the bottom doesn't fall out. we are 58 or so this afternoon, we'll talk about the rest of the
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thank you, tim. follow up to breaking news on sunrise. 17 salt minors in upstate new york stuck 900 feet underground. more on their rescue. >> reporter: nine hours after an elevator was stuck, all 17 minors rescued. traditionally their mine was a safe one. one of the steel vertical beams became loose causing it to be stuck. the elevator needs to be freed before they know why. basket lowered by crane, one went to put safety harnesses on the minors, no injuries. the 17 men are just cold after being stuck 900 feet underground.
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each other warm and spirits up. they persevered with the best they could. prioritized who should come out first themselves. it was again, very impressive to situation. >> first four minors waited two hours until the last two made their way to safety. all 17 men have been reunited safely with their families. reporting in lansing, nbc news. people hoping the odds of 1 and 293 million are in their favor. last night's drawing, 500 million dollar jackpot climbed to 700 million. jumped 50 million a short time ago. officially the largest jackpot prize of any lottery game in
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47, 2, 63, 62 and 11 last night's numbers, power ball number 17. two burglarers shot at a family as they returned home at 10:00 last night crestview avenue. car. two robbers demanded the women move the vehicle. one of the thieves fired a shot in the family's direction, drove through the front yard. call crime stoppers if you can find them. a woman had two dozen emaciated horses after she couldn't care for them. two had to be euthanized because of medical problems.
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back to health but didn't have the funds. woman surrendered all the horses and not facing charges. adrian silva was found shot and killed. deputies responded to a possible crash and found him dead. he was on his way home from a party half mile away when he was killed. he loved his family and loved riding his motorcycle. >> he was dedicated to his club. he was dedicated to his family. loved to ride his bike, go camping, fishing, um, i just want him to and our family here to have justice, to whoever the person or persons who did this to him.
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for leads if you know anything that might help catch the killer call crime stoppers. domestic violence task force and expected to give an update. force launched last january with the goal of addressing the cultural issues surrounding domestic violence. task is chaired by the governor. students at one midlands high school working to tackle domestic violence among teens. advocating for sierra's law. initiated in 2014 by the parents of sierra landry who was killed by an abusive ex-boyfriend. it would allow teens to get orders of protection against
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violence awareness programs. south carolina superintenennt of education is speaking out saying the state should be giving money away as part of a court ordered plan considering a low interest low program so school systems can improve and maintain buildings. superintendent said some won't be able to pay the money back and given grants instead of loans. new chief justice will be sworn own during a ceremony at supreme court at 4:00 p.m. governor nikki haley will be there. he is replacing gene toll after serving 27 years. columbia mayor and sumter
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from the floods. spoke one on one with jim clyburn and other government leaders. vast infrastructure needs, crop and business losses and damage to neighborhoods. >> e-mails are important. sometimes you need to look them you want. this what my people need. make it clear. we'll bring a history of good stewardship of federal funds and articulate those priorities and we won't take no for an answer. >> benjamin's eyes on 300 million dollar plot of money written into the budget for disaster relief and hope it can help fix the columbian canal and
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coming up, latest on the days after the paris attacks, senators came together for a top-secret briefing on the terrorist threat... marco rubio was missing - fundraising in california instead. two weeks later, terrorists struck again in san bernardino... and where was marco? fundraising again in new orleans. over the last 3 years, rubio has missed important national security hearings and missed more total votes than any other senator. politics first: that's the rubio way. right to rise usa
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>> french capital on high alert officers shot and killed a knife wielding man wearing a fake explosive vest outside a police station in north paris. a year after the deadly attack of the paris offices of charlie hebdo. >> reporter: police already on edge shut down the neighborhood around noon paris time telling shops to close and people to go home. a robot checked for a suicide belt on the body of a man who
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a knife shouting allah akbar. on the one year anniversary on the attack ofagazine charlie hebdo. another attack in the french capital. >> police in paris looking into who this man was. he was found with a mobile phone and piece of paper with isis flag and a handwritten claim in arabic. inferior ministry said he was the only person involved in the attack. it is officially now a terrorism investigation. back to you. department store giant plans
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4300 employees out of work. macy's blames it on poor holiday sales. group of hospital workers in the midlands now without jobs. cutting 26 jobs reducing work force by 3%. hospital system say fewer patients coming in and this is the way to bring costs in line. they are working to help the laid off employees find new positions. one of the must have gadgets of the year facing restrictions. dozen college campuses put restrictions or bands on hover boards including south carolina. usc banned motorized skate
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linked to fires and explosions. investigating reports of 28 fires in 19 statesnd more nan 70 serious injuries. claiming the program's national championship, top ranked tigers take on alabama crimson tide. first opportunity to lead the tigers to the national stage. alabama coach nick saban won four titles, three at alabama. they he to have their squads ready for game time. >> bowl game was more like the opener. you have a lot of time to get ready for the opening game. there is, you know, a lot of things to balance. but then this just feels like the next game.
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>> we did research on what people did a year ago that was in this position, how they prepared their team. used some of those ideas to see if we could get the right balance, right formula. >> ahead of monday's game, catch chaising a championship, special look at the tiger season and how the title run came to be. join us before kickoff. wis. coming up on the news at diet. what is approved and what has gone away. >> it is temporarily cold. coming back into next week lows back in the teens.
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in the meantime have a good day. >> good afternoon, temperatures in the 50s at 12:00 noon. current temperatures, 52 tdew point 41 . little more moisture compared d dew point 10 yesterday. note some change. forecast for today mix of southern clouds. cloudy in some areas, others bright sunshine. clouds moving to the east. 58 high at 3:00.
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temperatures won't be overtly cold. we'll have to moderate the temperatures up. clouds exit stage right. stationary front off the coast. moving to the northeast taking all this weather. appears to be saturday's rain. tomorrow will be dry, maybe isolated shower. this will get back at us as a warm front. look for that rain into saturday and sunday. here is the forecast, 58 today. mix of sun and clouds, 40 for tomorrow morning. 60 tomorrow. warmer still by a few degrees. rain chance 50% saturday. may have to up that. 62 will be the high. notice midday through sunday
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sunshine late then behind the front, monday and tuesday wednesday, temperatures fall into the 50s. arctic surge perhaps the latter half of next week. it is a possibility. in the meantime, nice to see 60s on the map again. >> it is nice to see those. >> you said arctic surge? >> i don't think you have used that weather term. sugar. >> erika edwards, what the recommendations do and do not include. >> reporter: for the first time, feferal nutrition guidelines tell americans to limit intake
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real food. >> regular can of soda, and the fun size candy bars, one can of soda and one of those is the added amount that would be allowed. >> most nutrition experts agree people consume far too much sugar and increases risks for type 2 diabetes. also increasing amount of fruits fruits, vegetables and whole grains. make small daily changes. >> when you think about it, beverages you drink or eating out one fewer night a week or perhaps you add additional fruits and vegetables. it can get you to a place of healthier eating. >> reporter: urge people to cut become on red and processed
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it suggests people incorporate other forms of protein like nuts, seeds, and seafood. erika edwards, nbc news. >> food and drug administration is working on labels to clearly show added sugar. >> i need to work on that myself. >> we all do. i lover nuts.
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>> cracking nuts over there. >> you may remember erika alexander head strong attorney at law on 90s hit show "living single." nearly a decade ago she feels herself in the similar situation. >> pitching it to a hollywood studio president. let me stop you right there. black people don't like science fiction. they don't see themselves in the future. >> what did he mean? did he clarifyhe statement? >> he did clarify it. there is a story too long to tell here.
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my husband quick on his feet said for black people the past is pain. the future is free. >> concrete park is in comic bookstores, join us sunday morning for "awareness," latest projects and position on decision 2016. >> already one big with "star wars" force awakens. >> highest grossing domestic movie of all time. earned enough wednesday to pass "avatar's" 670 million dollar gross. >> most experts say "force awakens" will take global title when it
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today 11-day celebration restaurant week kicks off in columbia. feature special menu items, promotions and discounts. >> tomorrow we will have a special guest for a list of restaurant particicating. click on the bottom of our home page. lunch tomorrow. >> we'll have sunshine, temperatures up in the 50s, 58 high. slight chance of shower tomorrow. better chance of rain saturday and sunday. temperatures around 60 to low 60ses. >> all right you don't want to say arctic blast? >> thought it was a surge. >> is there a difference between
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